Health Hacks

Coffee And Other Bad Habits That Are Robbing You Of Energy

In a world that is constantly moving, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. Long work days, grueling commutes and the need to stick to a solid exercise routine are enough to drain anyone’s energy.

Many people turn to energy drinks and other caffeine-induced products to get through hectic days, but those same folks may be unknowingly zapping their energy levels through their daily habits. Avoid these three everyday habits to increase your energy and avoid a midday slump!

Don’t Drink Water With Your Meals

Although it seems logical to enjoy a refreshing glass of water with a nutritious lunch or dinner, you may be draining your energy by doing so. Drinking water dilutes your stomach acid, which can hinder the digestive process while consuming a large meal. Aid digestion and increase your energy by drinking water with added lemon juice between meals.

Every Bite Counts

Chewing your food properly can greatly affect your digestion and daily energy. Make sure to chew each piece of food carefully, because swallowing larger chunks of food can be hard for your stomach to digest. Becoming mindful of your eating habits can increase your energy and help your digestive system do its job!

Curb Your Caffeine Cravings

A cup of coffee is almost everyone’s go-to in the morning, but it may actually be hindering your energy levels. Caffeine signals the brain to produce more adrenaline, which is not intended to be released in large quantities by the adrenal glands every single day. Excess adrenaline can cause you to feel stressed. It puts your energy levels all over the place and essentially your body out of whack.

The coffee detox process is not usually pretty, but it may be time to substitute your morning cup for a more natural source of energy such as a cup of matcha tea or a bowl of oatmeal with dried fruit.