Coca-Cola Church Exists in Mexico

Some people drink Coca-Cola religiously, and other people use the popular soft drink to actually worship. The soda drink Coca-Cola is actually really popular in Mexico, so much that it is often used in religious ceremonies. There is even a church known as the “Coca-Cola” church in Chiapas, Mexico.

The church is really called the St. John the Baptist Church, but has become famous for using Coca-Cola products in its ceremonies. Several decades ago, religious leaders at the church decided to substitute a local and traditional wine for Coca-Cola, and they never looked back.

But the Coca-Cola influence doesn’t stop there. The cans are also incorporated into the ceremony, both as decoration and as a form of spiritual healing. Coca-Cola is actually nealry twice as popular in Mexico as it is in the United States, where it is created and manufactured.

Mexico officially joined NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) in 1994, which made it much simpler for Coca-Cola to be purchased and sold within Mexico. In some areas, Coca-Cola is actually cheaper to find and drink that water.

It probably also helps that former Mexican President Vicente Fox used to work for Coca-Cola. He worked for the brand until 1979, and was elected president in Mexico in the year 2000. Coca-Cola’s business boomed during his tenure, and the soda brand made campaign contributions to Fox as well.

It’s not a surprise that Coca-Cola has become such a big deal in Mexico, since there are Coca-Cola sign everywhere. The iconic red logo of the soda can be found all over Mexico, from city signs to drinking fountains to street vendors and beyond. It’s clear that the drink is popular, although it also led to a rise in people having diabetes during Fox’s presidency due to the amount of sugar in each can and the amount Mexicans drink on a daily basis.