Cloud Bread Is The Latest TikTok Trend

The short video social media platform sensation TikTok has been dominating the headlines recently, as it has the past few months, but this time it’s for a recipe. The social media app is known for spreading unique recipes that have quickly gone viral across the world.

The latest viral TikTok sensation is cloud bread. Cloud bread is a fluffy and colorful bread that is very aesthetically pleasing and simple to make. In fact, cloud bread has only three ingredients: egg whites, cornstarch and sugar. It’s also a good idea to add in some food coloring to bring a pop of color to the dough.

To make this cloud bread, you need to separate three egg whites into a bowl and carefully whip them up, but not into stiff peaks. When the mixture is frothy, add in about two and a half tablespoons of white sugar and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. Then, whip the mixture together until it creates a thick consistency. This is when you want to add in your food coloring, or separate the mixtures into different bowls and add multiple colors.


Now, you want to place the mixture on a baking sheet in any shape you desire. You will need to use a dome shape to create the viral version of cloud bread. Now, place the bread into a 300-degree oven, and the cloud bread should be finished in about 25 minutes, but remember to keep an eye on it.

For an added flare, it’s a good idea to add in some other flavors, using extract like lemon or peppermint. In addition, you could add fruit and make a strawberry or blueberry flavored cloud bread. Or add toppings to the bread like sliced almonds or even rainbow sprinkles. You can even shape the bread before baking it into the oven, to create fun images or even lettering.