Feel Good

City Throws Woman Parade on Her 107th Birthday

Myda Lewis always wanted to ride in the back of a convertible like she was part of a parade. It turns out all she had to do to make that dream come true was live to be 107 years old.

Lewis celebrated her 107th birthday on Thursday. When her hospice worker asked her earlier in the week how she wanted to celebrate, Lewis mentioned a parade. Well, a social media post was created, word quickly spread, and by Thursday afternoon there were hundreds of people lining the streets of Stillwater, Oklahoma to celebrate Lewis’ birthday with a parade.


In a short time, the people of Stillwater gathered everything needed for a parade, including balloons, flowers, party hats, and happy birthday signs. As Lewis strolled through downtown in the back of a convertible, people were singing “Happy Birthday” and throwing confetti in the air.

“We’re out today because what a fun thing to celebrate! I mean, who gets to turn 107?” said Toni Ivey, a Stillwater resident who brought her three kids out to the parade. “If she wants to have a parade by golly, we’re going to give her a parade! Everybody’s smiling today, I don’t see one grumpy face. The whole town has come together.”


Naturally, the convertible carrying Lewis was traveling at a snail’s pace, so people could easily walk up to it and present the centenarian with balloons, flowers, and other gifts. It was the perfect birthday gift from the city where Lewis has lived for nearly 100 years.

After the parade, the nursing home where Lewis lives threw her a smaller, low-key party. Lewis’ son and daughter, age 89 and 87, respectively, were in attendance. The nursing home is hoping to do something even bigger than the parade next year for her 108th birthday.

Lewis says she’s not thinking that far ahead. She’s just glad to have finally gotten that ride in a convertible and that people had a good time at the parade.

“I want people to be happy,” Lewis said when asked about the perfect birthday gift.