Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreos Now Exist

Chocolate and peanut butter are excellent flavors on their own, and they are also an explosively delicious and popular combination together. Popular cookie company Oreo has decided to jump onto this particular flavor bandwagon, by releasing the chocolate peanut butter pie oreo flavor.

This new flavor, which is not expected to be limited edition and could be on grocery store shelves for years to come, is already available to purchase at major retailers like Target and Walmart. The cookie package is priced at $2.99 and social media users have already been going crazy for them across the country.

The chocolate peanut butter pie oreo flavor is a light, graham cracker cookie, with a peanut butter and chocolate creme. So one half of the cream is peanut butter and the other half is chocolate, so with every bite you can have a delicious swirl of chocolate and peanut butter in your mouth.


The graham cracker cookie is supposed to resemble and taste like the graham cracker pie crust, with chocolate and peanut butter in between. This flavor also comes in the standard twelve-ounce container with the re-sealable pull back tab.

The chocolate peanut butter pie oreos are also available on for $7.99 without shipping included. This new flavor is also expected to rival Reese’s peanut butter cups in terms of flavor, and chocolate and peanut butter lovers are expected to love it.


Other consumers have compared the new oreo cookie taste to the Tagalong cookies which are sold by the Girl Scouts of America. The tagalong is a cookie with peanut butter smeared on top of it, and then completely dipped and covered in milk chocolate. So the chocolate peanut butter pie is almost a reverse version of that cookie, and it is nearly Girl Scout cookie season.