Blumhouse Green Lights Production Of Firestarter Remake

Undeniably the trifecta of the horror genre, it seems that Blumhouse, Stephen King, and Joe Hill are uniting under Blumhouse’s horror banner to bring us a remake of Firestarter and a new The Black Phone.

In the twenty-one years that Jason Blum’s production company, Blumhouse Productions, has been churning out films—a sizeable amount of the titles being horror related, one name that carries the most gravitas in the horror genre has been absent from the collaborator’s list—that of the master of horror himself Stephen King.

The main reason for this, many have surmised, is that Blumhouse is known for making its movies for low, if not ridiculously low, prices.

With this in mind, just securing a literary property, especially one as well known as that of Stephen King’s, could pretty much be like a nuclear bomb to Blumhouse’s financial stylings.  To date, Blumhouse has primarily offered up original properties, with a few adaptations thrown in for good measure.

Another reason could be that the two entities, Blumhouse and King, hadn’t found an agreeable material to rally their forces around until now.  Back in 2017, the powers that be officially announced that Blumhouse was looking at producing an updated version of Firestarter.

Image: SyFy Wire

Many may remember the 1980 novel by King about a little girl and her beloved father as they were being pursued by a secret branch of the government who wanted to control the little girl’s ability to start fires with her mind.

It seems that now the Blumhouse version is well underway and is to be directed by Keith Thomas.  The novel, Firestarter, has already been made into a film once—back in 1984 and starred the then child phenom, Drew Barrymore.

As it turned out, the film faced all types of issues that resulted in it not being quite the money maker that it had been hoped it would be.  However, it has over the decades gained a somewhat cult-like status.