Blue Bunny Unveils Chocolate Donut Ice Cream Flavor

A popular food trend in 2019 seems to be mashing two desserts together or simply bringing donuts up to a whole new level. The newest ice cream flavor to hit the market is not necessarily a new flavor, but one that utilizes the popular breakfast food. Ice cream magnet company Blue Bunny is the brains behind the new flavor which is a chocolate donut flavor.

Blue Bunny has not formally announced or confirmed this new chocolate donut flavor, but junk food Instagram lovers have spotted it in the freezer sections of grocery store chains like Safeway and Hy-Vee stores. Right now, the new flavor has only been spotted throughout the Midwest part of the United States, which is about eighteen states in total. The new flavor is currently available for sale as one liter containers.

The new chocolate donut flavor consists of vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate icing drizzled and swirled around the vanilla, a bunch of rainbow sprinkles, and bits of chocolate donut pieces added throughout the vanilla ice cream. Talk about a delicious sugar rush.


The new chocolate donut flavor is the second new flavor the brand has released this year, which is thought to be in response to the popularity of the Ben & Jerry’s core flavors which have been widely popular. The other flavor from Blue Bunny is a caramel cold brew flavor, which is also sold as a liter container, which has cold brew coffee ice cream, caramel swirls, and chocolate espresso pieces inside the ice cream.

This is also the first time that the beloved breakfast food of donuts has been added to the versatile frozen dessert, and so far the concoction is getting rave reviews. It’s unclear if this new flavor will be expanding to more grocery stores across the country or if its release is some type of limited edition flavor,  or if it’s simply being tested out in one market.