Better To Be Safe Than Very Sorry This Holiday Season

The holidays will quickly be upon us, and the most frantic and rushed season of the year will be in full swing.  Although many try to get a jump on the shopping season, with both wish lists and various preparations, in the end, we are caught in the middle of all the frenzy and absolute chaos that ensues.

Image: Don’t Waste Your Money

With all the commotion and distractions, we are not usually quite as attentive as we should be.  This is why there is a significant increase in reports of both petty theft and crimes in general.  No one wants to be a victim of either of these scenarios, that is why police are offering this one very helpful tip to keep your holidays happy and stressfree.

We all do our absolute best to keep an eye on our purses when out holiday shopping.  However, there is a method of making it all that much more secure.  First off, always keep your purse zipped closed.  By leaving it left unzipped, with easy access to the contents, you are only making the process of stealing your wallet that much simpler for any thefts that might be around.

Also, when you place your purse, zipped closed remind you, in the buggy, lacing the child’s safety belt through the purse handles will make it more difficult, if not impossible for a theft to do a simple snatching of your bag when your head is turned.  If by some chance the buggy does not have the child’s safety belt, then the purchasing of a cheap carabiner clip attaching the handles of your purse to the buggy handle will work just as well.

Image: Good Housekeeping

Other extremely helpful tips for a safe holiday shopping experience include:

  • Parking in well-lit areas that are busy—avoid parking garages if possible
  • Keeping an alert eye of the area around you—make sure your vehicle is indeed locked
  • Storing your shopping bags to where they are not visible—such as in the trunk
  • Try to schedule your shopping during daylight hours—take a few friends along as well
  • Do not carry large quantities of cash—and if possible keep it on your person at all times