Ben & Jerry’s Launches 3 New Cookie Dough Core Flavors

Ice cream and cookie dough are two of the most delicious sweets you can consume, and now they are available in the same package. Iconic ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s recently announced three new cookie dough core flavors, which are pints of ice cream with a cookie dough center running through it. And rest assured, the cookie dough is made from pasteurized egg yolks and heat treated flour, so it is safe to consume all in one sitting.

The first new flavor is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core, which is a chocolate chip cookie dough core with fudge chips and “cookie milk ice cream”. This is the only new flavor which has the same flavor ice cream on both sides of the cookie dough core.

The next new flavor is Sweet Like Sugar Cookie Dough Core, which has a sugar cookie dough core surrounded by sweet cream ice cream with shortbread cookies inside on one side of the core and cherry ice cream with cherries inside on the other.

Source: Refinery29

Finally, the third new flavor core is Wake & “No Bake” Cookie Dough Core, which has a no bake cookie dough core, with peanut butter ice cream with fudge chips on one side and vanilla ice cream with bits of peanut butter cookies on the other.

These new flavors are not only available in Scoop Shops across the nation, but they are also available in grocery stores like Kroger and Food Lion, as well as in convenience stores, and major retailers like Target and Walmart across the United States. Right now, the three new flavors are only available as the pint size. These new flavors of cookie dough core will be sold in addition to the other flavors which have already been released, and none of the flavors are limited edition.