Baby Contracts Listeria Meningitis From Mom

The joy of having a newborn baby is unlike anything else.  From the first breath, your only thoughts are those of protecting and loving the child.  However, there are dangers out there that we are only just learning of.  Recently, a mom learned of one of those very dangers first hand.  Lucinda Armstrong and her 2-week old baby boy, Ezra, fell victim to a little-known illness, and that illness almost cost Ezra his life.

Lucinda knew something was wrong with Ezra, as he had been crying all day.  She had a two-year-old daughter, so she knew the difference between “hungry” cries and something else wrong type of cries.  When Ezra started to turn red all over, she took his temperature.  The thermometer showed that Ezra had a temperature reading 101.6, which is dangerously high for a newborn baby.

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The Armstrongs rushed Ezra to the hospital, where doctors performed every test they could think of, with the final one being a spinal tap.  The tap showed that Ezra had meningitis.

According to the CDC, Center for Disease Control, Meningitis is a very life-threatening illness, which occurs when the membranes inside the brain become inflamed and enlarged caused by bacterial infection.  After further testing, it was determined that the bacteria causing Ezra’s meningitis was that of Listeria.

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Listeria is commonly found on cold-cuts as other refrigerated types of meats and cheeses.  For this reason, during pregnancy women are strongly cautioned not to eat these types of items.  It is most likely that Lucinda had ingested one of the products, and contracted Listeria.  Because her immune system was stronger than Ezra’s she did not show any symptoms.  When she gave birth to Ezra, he contracted the Listeria from her, and because his immune system was still so weak, the Listeria caused meningitis.

According to doctor’s Ezra system was compromised that if the parents had not brought him in when they did, they probably would have lost him.  According to KETV, Ezra is doing well and will require several checkups to determine if there are any lasting effects of the meningitis.