Arsenal Returns For Arrows Final Season

When Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, left Star City the first time around, the fans were not permitted a proper goodbye. Even though his exit involved him sacrificing and claiming to be the Green Arrow, to protect Oliver, it still left the fans feeling a bit slighted.

But that was all forgotten when Roy returned to everyone’s delight.  Yet, alas, he again left without a proper goodbye.  Now, Roy Harper is returning in the last season of Arrow, and fans can only hope that this third time will be the charm.

Image: SyFy Wire

It has been reported that Colton Haynes, who portrays Roy Harper in season 7, is indeed returning for the much anticipated, and final season of the CW’s hit show Arrow.  Having been with the show in its freshman year, Haynes pretty much carved his niche in the fandom early on.

Of course, the fact his character was involved in an on-again, off-again relationship with the title characters younger sister, Thea Queen, probably had something to do with the fans taking to him so quickly.

Roy had been through a lot before returning to Star City in the 7th season.  It turns out, when he left town last time, he indeed did die, prompting both Thea and Nyssa to use the “healing” powers of the Lazarus Pit to “resurrect” him.

Image: ScienceFiction.com

However, when the blood lust that comes hand in hand with those who have been “healed” by the pit leads to him kill tow people and resulting him leaving town yet again.

Now, according to EW, Haynes is back—however, not full time.  It seems he will appear in a yet to be revealed number of episodes of the season.  Beth Schwartz, current Arrow showrunner, when making the announcement of Haynes return, stated:

“We couldn’t have ended the show without having him back.”

Although we still do not know how often we will see Haynes in the series final ten-episode season, we can take comfort in the fact that we will see him.