A Cookie Dough Filled Kit Kat Now Exists

Everybody knows just how delicious eating cookie dough can be. Over the past year, many companies have introduced dessert treats that include safe to eat cookie dough, and now, candy companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

Popular chocolate company Nestle recently announced that yummy candy Kit Kat will now have a cookie dough version. Kit Kats usually have crispy wafers layered in between thin milk chocolate and covered with chocolate. Now, some of those crispy wafers have been replaced with delicious cookie dough.

Actually, these new cookie dough Kit Kats have already been available in grocery store shelves across Europe and Canada since August. These cookie dough stuffed Kit Kats are also available on, but they can be priced anywhere from twenty-five dollars to ninety dollars, depending on how much you want to try this new flavor combination. They can be purchased in packs of twelve bars or twenty-four bars as well.


The new flavor, which is not expected to be a limited edition flavor, is also available in the Kit Kat Chunky varieties, both in candy bar and four pack Kit Kat form. People have been posting images of the new cookie dough Kit Kats across social media, and expressing just how amazing the taste is.

If there is any complaint about the cookie dough Kit Kat it’s that the cookie dough flavor might be a little too subtle. However, users can also buy some edible cookie dough and add more. In fact, before this cookie dough Kit Kat came into existence, many people dipped Kit Kat candy bars into cookie dough in order to get the best of both worlds.


It’s not clear if this cookie dough Kit Kat will ever be available for sale in the United States, or a timeline of when this flavor may hit grocery store shelves when it does. This isn’t the first dessert that Nestle has offered to international markets and not the United States.