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75-Year-Old Battles Gator To Save His Daughters Dog

When an alligator shot out from a pond behind a 75-year old’s house, it became a battle of wills as he was entered into a tug of war—to save his daughter’s golden retriever.

The incident happened in Florida, where the 75-year old, Buddy Ackerman, stated he was dog watching his daughters golden, Osi, while she was on vacation.  While Osi was in the process of “doing his business,” the estimated seven-foot-long gator came up into Ackerman’s Palm Harbor yard and proceeded to grab Oki by his rear end.

Image: New York Post

In a statement to WFTS of Tampa Bay, Ackerman said that Oki was screaming quite a bit when the gator chomped down and grabbed hold of him.  Ackerman said he proceeded to grab Oki, but fell down on his behind.  IT was then that he and the gator were entered into a tug of war of sorts, as the gator tugged in one direction and Ackerman in the other.

Not until Ackerman had succeeded in kicking the gator in the snout, twice, did it finally release its hold on Osi.  Jody Ackerman, Osi’s owner, is calling her father a true hero, stating that she and Osi both were very grateful that nobody was hurt in the incident.  Luckily, the gator that attacked Osi was finally captured the following day.

Image: Mote Marine Laboratory

It has been estimated 1.3 million alligators reside in Florida alone, which is why the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission issues warnings this time each year.  The gators are much more aggressive at this time, due to the fact that it is their official mating season.

They also warn that dogs attract the attention of most gators, so it is best not to let them swim, play or even drink year any bodies of water, in case there is a gator inhabiting it and calling it home.