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6-Year Old Raises Nearly $2,000 to Donate Dolls to Children’s Hospital

A 6-year old from Oklahoma has raised enough money to buy 15 American Girl dolls that she plans to donate to a children’s hospital where she was treated last summer.

Since she was born, Brinley Williams has battled kidney issues. Last summer, she spent time being treated at St. Francis Children’s Hospital in Tulsa. During her treatment, she received an American Girl doll to help lift her spirits. Brinley then decided that the other children in the hospital could benefit from a doll as well. So she decided to give back.


For months, Brinley worked to raise money to buy as many American Girl dolls as possible for the kids at the children’s hospital. First, she started a lemonade stand, and that helped her raise around $400.

But that wasn’t enough, so a family friend who owns a restaurant allowed her to help out. At the restaurant, Brinley received a lot of support from her local community. After learning why Brinley was raising money, restaurant customers contributed roughly $1,500 to the 6-year old in tips.


Between the money from her lemonade stand and what she received at the restaurant, Brinley raised $1,900. It was enough to buy 15 of the lifelike and 18-inch tall dolls. Brinley and her parents are planning to hand deliver the dolls to patients at the hospital later this month.