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4 Creative Uses For Fabric Softener Sheets Outside Of The Laundry Room

Did you know that dryer sheets are good for more than just laundry? These nifty little sheets were created to combat static cling in your clothing while it’s in the dryer, but they actually possess numerous uses that many people just aren’t aware of.

These marvelous little household items could even replace many items you may be wasting your money on.

What’s A Duster?

Forget spending money on those fancy one-time dusters offered by brands like Pledge or Swiffer. A dryer sheet can actually accomplish the same thing, helping to attract dust trapped in difficult to reach places. Run a sheet over electronics, tables, or window sills, and you’ll see exactly how effective they are. Plus side? They even smell good, too.


Pet Smart! 

Are you a pet owner? Love your little fur buddy, but hate the hair they leave behind? If you’re constantly finding yourself running through the house as fast as you can to avoid getting covered in pet hair before heading to work, don’t fear.

Keep a box of dryer sheets in the side pocket of your car door. A quick wipe-down with a sheet will easily rid you of Lassie’s furry leftovers.


Stainless Wonder

Don’t waste your money on expensive stainless steel and chrome cleaners. There’s a much easier, cheaper solution. Wipe your stainless and chrome appliances and fixtures down with dryer sheets.

Not only will this help remove the fingerprints, smudges, and stains that are already there, but guess what? Rubbing these down with dryer sheets can actually help reduce any future ones from appearing for a while. Double perk, right? Cheap and effective.


Bug Off

Being outside is great, but being outside and being eaten alive by bugs isn’t so much fun. Believe it or not, dryer sheets can help you avoid that problem. Affix a dryer sheet to your person by either sticking it out of your pocket or tying it to your belt loop (feel free to get inventive here).

The pungent smell of the dryer sheet will help repel bugs and won’t leave you feeling sticky or smelly like bug sprays would. Convincing your little ones to wear a dryer sheet is probably a lot easier than spraying them up with icky smelling bug spray, too.