Would You Try Haggis-Spice Chocolate?

Famous in Scotland, haggis is sheep’s stomach stuffed with oatmeal and organs spiced with cloves, allspice, black pepper, and nutmeg. It definitely has an acquired taste and is anything but vegan. Chocolate company Coco Chocolatier, however, wants to expand the traditional dish into a vegan-friendly form.

Spices like black pepper and nutmeg give chocolate a unique sweet-and-savory flavor

How did they do this? They simply took the spice blend and added it to their Columbian chocolate bar, which is 60% dark cacao. The sweet flavors like vanilla make sense, while black pepper and allspice add a much more savory element. Those familiar with haggis will recognize the spice blend, while those who aren’t will simply discover a uniquely-spiced chocolate. You can purchase a bar at the Coco Chocolatier website, which sells other creative chocolate bars like gin and tonic, date and ginger, lavender, and earl gray tea and bergamot.

This isn’t the first time a candy maker has been inspired by haggis. The owner of Thinking Chocolate in Edinburgh made chocolate truffles with mace, nutmeg, and black pepper. Like the new haggis bar, it didn’t contain any actual meat, bu t the flavors would remind eaters of the dish. In London, Morelli’s made haggis-flavored ice cream that did include the meat, while Mackie’s of Scotland made a custard “laced with haggis” and marmalade on January 25th in honor of poet Robert Burns.

Haggis is the national dish of Scotland

Haggis may sound strange to us stateside – it’s actually illegal to make it because it contains sheep’s lung – but we put other meats in sweet treats all the time. Bacon is the primary example and it appears in ice cream, chocolate, and as a donut garnish. If you find yourself in Scotland, don’t miss the opportunity to at least try the national dish, which has been around since ancient Roman times. For now, try out the spiced chocolate bar to get an idea of what to expect.