What Would Happen If You Didn’t Shower For A Full Year? It Ain’t Pretty

Showering is an essential part of keeping a clean appearance and maintaining good personal hygiene. Bathing is a fact of life, but what if someone decided to skip a shower for 365 days in a row? The results would be rather noticeable, and certainly drastic.

These three shocking symptoms of not showering for an entire year will definitely gross you out so much you’ll be ready to soap up after reading these!

Your Skin Would Become Brown and Clumpy

Not washing your body for a year would result in very oily and dry skin, and eventually result in the growth of warts. The dirt and pollution collected by the oil on your skin would lead to the buildup of dead skin cells. This would result in unsightly brown clumps to form on the skin, which is one more reason to properly wash your entire body every time you step in the bath.

An Extremely Itchy Scalp

Refraining from bathing for an entire year would result in an itch you couldn’t quite scratch — all over your head.

Massive amounts of dandruff, oil, and grime would accumulate on your scalp. Don’t bother combing through your mane. Your hair would most likely be extremely knotted and matted.

Horrific Toe and Groin Jam

Dead skin cells would build up fast if you stop showering for an entire year straight. This would lead to a crusty fungus growing between your toes and even in your pelvic area. This increases the chance of developing various infections and getting super sick.

The moral of the story is simple. Staying clean and showering regularly has major benefits to your health. Not to mention that taking a shower can help you relax and improve your mental and emotional health. Here’s to exfoliation and keeping things clean!