Unique Wedding Favors

Wedding season is upon us and that can mean ending up with some wedding favors you aren’t sure what to do with.  If you’re planning a wedding or helping to plan one in the future, how about a favor that’s a bit more unique?

Mini drink bottles

Get your guests something they’ll actually enjoy, like a mini bottle of champagne, wine, beer, juice, iced tea, or cold brew coffee. To personalize the bottles, spring for some custom labels. 

Garden seeds

If you have a green thumb, send guests home with packets of seeds, which are also very affordable if you’re on a tight budget. Go with easy-to-grow varieties, so your friends and family don’t feel intimidated. 

Hot cocoa mix

While hot cocoa is more common during the winter, it’s also fitting for a wedding with any kind of outdoor or camping theme. Put the cocoa and mini marshmallows in small glass bottles or tins. 

Coffee mugs

Another great idea if your wedding is outdoor or camping themed, or if you just love coffee, coffee mugs can be given as is or with a small bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans inside. 


Scented candles are compact, cute, and pretty much everyone will use them. Choose a scent you feel represents your relationship or wedding theme for a personal touch.


Gourmet popcorn has been having a moment for a while now, and bags of unique popcorn flavors are a perfect wedding favor. 

Cookie cutters

Perfect for weddings with a cookie dessert bar or for a couple who loves baking, cookie cutters are useful and charming. 

Mini hot sauce bottles

If you love hot sauce or cooking, mini hot sauce bottles are a great wedding favor that represents the things you love. 

  Fancy salt

Another cool wedding favor that represents a foodie couple, little containers of salt can include pink Himalayan salt or sea salt, and your guests will definitely keep it around.