20 Of The Worst…Err, Best Funniest Airport Photos Ever

On the surface, there’s nothing inherently funny about airports. For most people, they’re more of a pain in the rear and a means to end than anything else. Of course, there are exceptions to this, and over the years, plenty of people have done funny, whacky, or downright crazy things at airports. Fortunately for us, those moments are occasionally captured in photographs so they can be shared with the world and remembered fondly forever!  Here’s a collection of the funniest airport photos we could find.

May the Force Be With You

This is a therapy dog at the Denver Airport that’s been dressed like an AT-AT walker (you know, those giant robotic camels on the planet Hoth) as part of Star Wars appreciation day. There’s no doubt that this is a cute and funny photo. But one can only wonder how much goodwill and positive therapy you can bring to nervous airplane passengers if you’re dressed like a weapon of the evil Galactic Empire. Or maybe we’re just over thinking this.

Candid Family

Let’s face it, we’ve all looked like this in an airport at some point in our lives. But what’s funny about this is that this family has no idea someone took a candid picture of them in such rough shape. Let’s face it, the mom is completely oblivious to anything that’s going on. Meanwhile, it’s hard to believe the son is comfortable in this photo, as his feet are practically dangling. Nevertheless, this photo is no doubt providing plenty of laughs for anyone who looks through the family photo album, and now it’s doing the same for everyone on the Internet too.