2 Toxic Materials You May Not Realize You Have In Your Home

When we think of toxic materials, we do not think of them being in our homes.  We like to think that if anywhere, our homes are free of such harmful things.  But, what might surprise you is that in most cases, there are more toxic materials in most homes than realized.

Image: Mental Floss

Take for example hand sanitizers. With an estimated $118 Million in sales, and that number rapidly increasing every year, sanitizers seem to be one of the largest selling products out there.  It is also estimated that, during the winter months, the average person may use the germ fighter up to five times a day.  Now, what makes this fall into the toxic arena is just that, the extensive use of the product.  The overuse of hand sanitizers can aid in promoting the resistance of bacteria to the sanitizer thus making is less effective.

Your best bet is to us just plain soap and water.  They are old school but are a better proven cleansing method than most others.  If you are set on using a hand sanitizer, look for one that is alcohol based and does not contain any antimicrobial or antibacterial agents.

Image: Gran, Inc

Another toxic material most people do not realize they have in their homes is vinyl shower curtains.  You look at your ugly shower curtain and think to yourself I need a new one. When you replace a shower curtain, and it is made of vinyl, remember the strong plastic odor that comes from it?  Those are the over 100 toxic chemicals contained in the curtain, escaping into your home.

Many shower curtains contain harmful chemicals from volatile organic compounds (voc’s), to phthalates and organotin’s.  Although the full extent of the toxic chemicals contained in vinyl showers curtains remain unknown, they are considered to be a human carcinogen,

So, the lesson to be taken away here is that even though you think you are safe from toxins in your own home, more than often then not that is not the case.  It would pay to do a little research, find out what else may be in your home, and get rid of those items.