Awesome Idea

This DIY Fidget Spinner Is Super Simple For Kids To Create!

Fidget spinners are the newest toy craze, and kids everywhere are going nuts over these tiny contraptions. Whether this helpful toy is used to ease anxiety, ADHD, or simply cure boredom, they have been flying off the shelves everywhere. They are available in a variety of styles and colors, and now you can easily make your own right at home!

Your children can customize their own fidget spinner in just a few moments — and it’s a cheap alternative to buying them at the store! This DIY fidget spinner project is easy to complete and it only takes a few supplies and steps.

Gather The Spinner Supplies

You only need a few things to make this toy, and they are all available for cheap. You will need cardboard (a box of cereal works just fine), two pennies, a toothpick, a glue stick, craft glue, a pin, scissors, and a fidget spinner template.

There are many fidget spinner templates available to print online, and this will help you get an even and accurate cut!

Get Your Toy Into Shape

Time to cut the cardboard using the fidget spinner template. Cut out two outlines of the toy to make it more durable.

Use a glue stick to glue the two pieces together, and use the pin to poke a hole in the center of your two halves. Use a pair of scissors to make the hole a little wider, so that a toothpick can fit through.

Securely Attach The Coins

Use craft glue to attach the two pennies to both ends of the spinner. Make sure to reposition the coins if they start moving off the cardboard as they dry!

Make The Spinning Mechanism

Cut two circles out of cardboard — you can use another penny as a guide. Use the pin to poke a hole through the center of the circles.

Stick a toothpick through the hole of one of the circles so that it sits tightly at one end. Apply craft glue to the circle to keep the toothpick in place.

Stick the toothpick through the center of your fidget spinner toy, and attach the second circle by sliding it along the toothpick at the opposite end.

Test Your New Toy Out!

Make sure the circles are close to the toy but not touching it completely — test this by spinning it without much interruption. When you are happy with the motion, glue both circles securely to the toothpick.

Once the glue is dry, cut the long portion of the toothpick off. You are left with your own fidget toy — time to take it for a spin!