The Patrick Swayze You May Not Have Known

Patrick Swayze is one of those heart-throb actors of the 20th century you just can’t forget. Whether it was Swayze as the romantic lead in films like “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost”, or as the thrill-seeker in “Point Break” and “Road House,” he made his own unique mark on cinema.  And when he passed away in 2009, many felt as though they lost someone very close to them. But how much do you know about him outside his legendary movie roles? Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about Swayze that will give you a bigger and better scope of the man who danced his way into the hearts of moviegoers around the world.

Image: Famous People

Off His Feet

Swayze has been known to vanish from the public eye for a while, but for good reason sometimes. In particular, many wondered where he was after 1997, his last film for a long time being “Letters From a Killer.” The reason for his absence was due to him breaking both his legs when he was filming a horseback scene for the movie.  This was the result of falling off the horse and then hitting a tree, causing him to be off his feet for a long enough time that he wouldn’t be acting for the next five years.

Image: Fanpop

An Exceptional Dancer

The dancing that Swayze performed in “Dirty Dancing” was so dazzling that one might assume he was a professional dancer. And that person is right! It turns out that Swayze has a history with dance, given that his mother was a pro dancer in Texas and that talent clearly rubbed off on him as well. Even before “Dirty Dancing” made him a star of the dance floor, he stretched his crazy legs on a number of other dancing gigs, including playing Prince Charming for Disney On Ice and later as a dancer for the Eliot Feld Ballet Company in New York.