The Coolest Nerdy Animal Habitats Built By Pet Owners

Hogwarts Cat Playground

If you’ve ever wished you could live in Harry Potter’s awesome wizarding world, you definitely aren’t alone. The book and film series both inspired plenty of people, introducing generations to magic and new kinds of adventures.

One cat got the chance to explore a unique version of Hogwarts and live out a furry Harry Potter fantasy. This cool cat playground made by a creative cat owner features a series of scratching posts made to resemble some of the most famous locations in theĀ Harry Potter series: Platform 9 and 3/4, Hogwarts, and the nearby town of Hogsmeade.


Star Wars Fish Tank

If you’ve ever wanted to see the cool creatures, spaceships, and other incredible aspects of the Star Wars universe come to life, you’ll love this totally nerdy and totally awe-inspiring fish tank scene.

Created by a Stars Wars fan for a family of pet fish, this basic aquarium became something straight out of the Galactic Empire. An impressive, highly detailed AT-AT walker crafted by this fish parent, and placed in a natural-looking underwater environment. It has a pretty awesome effect on both humans and fish!

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Captain America Cat Hangout

Cats can be pretty impressive in their physical feats. They leap to and from great heights, bound off walls, and even spin and kick mid-air. And in many ways, that kind of makes them similar to one of Marvel’s popular Avengers: Captain America.

And this Avengers-loving cat owner created the perfect hangout and habitat for any kitten. Featuring Cap’s helmet, shield, and recognizable stars and stripes attire, this is any superhero fan’s dream pet home!

Tail Buddy