Tap Into Your Creative Side With These Summery DIY Projects

Summer is finally here. It’s a time of sun-kissed days and cool nights, lying on the beach or by the pool with friends, listening to the waves on the seashore, drinking refreshing drinks and eating tasty fruits and popsicles. In the summertime, the possibilities are endless!

On those sweltering summer days when you’re not able to be at the beach or poolside, you’ll be looking for relief from the hot temperatures in your air conditioned home. To fill your home with summer vibes you need some fun summer decorations, so get out your glue gun and get ready to get crafty. All of the ideas below are beautiful, fun and easy to make. The complete instructions for every project are below the picture. Time to get creative, summer’s here!

Hammered Plant Fabric Print

Thin white fabric (cotton woven fabric works best).
Fresh flowers or plants of different kinds (purple pansy worked best for me).
Masking tape
Smooth hard surface, like a cutting board

Place your pansy face down on the fabric and position it where you want the imprint. Cover the entire back of the flower with masking tape. Turn the fabric over, place it onto your hard surface, then tap it with the hammer until you see the plant color start to penetrate the fabric. Allow the fabric to dry completely, then remove the flower from the back of the fabric.

DIY Seashell Succulent Planter

Here’s our super simple beach-worthy seashell planter to help you bring the beach back home.

Terra cotta pots
Seashells (pick something somewhat flat & uniformed in size)
Glue gun and glue sticks
Succulents & extra potting soil (preferably a cacti mix)

Begin by arranging your shells by largest to smallest. This will give the shells a nice fit when gluing to your pot. Then use your hot glue gun to squeeze glue onto the bottom part of the shell and along the sides. Place the shell slightly overhanging to the top of your pot, and repeat along the entire rim. For the next row, glue the shells in the same way, and in between the shells on the row above. Repeat this until you’ve covered the entire pot.

Now it’s time to plant. Pour some cactus soil mix into the bottom of your pot, gently loosen the roots of the succulent, and add some topsoil to finish.

DIY Floral Decorative Letters

Fill these inexpensive papier-mâché letters with silk or fresh flowers to give your home a fresh summer pick-me-up.

Silk or fresh flowers
Acrylic hobby paint to match your flowers
Oasis/floral foam
A sharp knife or scalpel
Paper mache letter

Cut away the back of the papier-mâché letter with a sharp knife. Paint the outside of the letter and allow it to dry. Cut the oasis/floral foam with a table knife and use it to fill the inside of the letter, be sure to make it a tight fit. Arrange your flowers and stick them into the oasis. If you want to use fresh flowers, soak the oasis in water first and line the inside of the letter with plastic wrap or something similar.