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Sled Dog Racer Saves Dog Using CPR

Competition was briefly put aside during a sled dog race in Michigan over the weekend when one racer helped save the life of another racer’s dog by performing CPR.

Experienced musher Anny Malo was taking part in the CopperDog 150 sled dog race on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula when one of her race dogs stopped breathing. Malo believes the dog went for a bite of snow but got a piece of ice stuck in his throat that constricted his breathing.


Malo was forced to stop her team roughly 25 miles into the 150-mile race. As she tried to find a solution, fellow racer Frank Moe noticed something was wrong and stopped his own team mid-race to help Malo and her injured dog.

Moe, who has training as an EMT, performed CPR and was able to revive the dog in what was a life-and-death situation.

“He just blew in his nose and the dog was okay after that,” explains Malo. “(The dog) is in great shape right now so I’m glad he was there.”

With Malo’s dog out of any immediate danger, both mushers were able to carry on with the race. Malo kept the injured dog tucked away in a bag for the rest of the race.

Despite being down a dog, Malo went on to finish second in the CopperDog 150, an event she won last year.


“Then she passed me then another five minutes later and the dog’s head sticking out of the dog bag just looking around,” recalls Moe.

After stopping to help Malo and her dog, Moe only finished 11th. However, after Malo shared her story, Moe was given the Good Sportsman Award and received a standing ovation during Sunday’s awards ceremony.