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Prince Harry and Meghan To Make Trip As Duke And Duchess Of Sussex

Newly married Prince Harry and Meghan will be making an official appearance, representing the Crown, after being titled with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, during their royal wedding in May of this year.

It was announced that the royal couple would be traveling down under to Australia and New Zealand.  The announcement came just a few short weeks after their marriage, so it seems that they are going to hit the ground running in the royal duties.  The trip is scheduled for later this year, and it looks like they will have a busy itinerary, with visits scheduled for Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.

Although the trip is surely more about business than pleasure, the announced trip is scheduled to coincide with the upcoming Invictus Games, also being held down under, as stated by a representative from Kensington Palace.

Image: Christopher Wahl

The Duke and Duchess are closely associated with the Invictus Games, which were developed by Prince Harry in 2014   The games are a sports competition hosted for wounded and sick military personal.  The participants may be current serving military or retired military.  The games themselves are a multisport event, including wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, and indoor rowing just to name a few.  The selection of the events were over seen by Prince Harry and are presented so that all my have a way to participate in the competition.  The royal couple were spotted cheering at the games last year, almost a year before they were married.

Image: JustJared

With their marriage in May, Prince Harry and his bride Meghan became the world’s sweethearts.  A record number of viewers, from all over the world, tuned in to the royal celebration.

The Invictus Games will run from October 20-27. 2018.