30 Jawdropping, Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words–especially when it’s taken with a high-powered, high frame-rate DSLR camera.  Let’s just say these cameras were in the right place at the right time.  From (embarrassing) clothing malfunctions to close calls with severe injury, these amazing photos captured in the blink of an eye show some of the best, worst, strangest (and sexiest!) moments in recent sports history.  Click below to open up this crazy gallery!

Maybe Don’t Hit Like A Girl

If this is what it looks like to hit like a girl, we’ll pass on the getting hit part.  UFC fighters like these two show that their sport is one of pain and distress where both participants get beat up, but only one gets a reward for their efforts.  In this case, it looks like one woman is giving the other a chiropractic adjustment.

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If gymnasts are the most flexible athletes, figure skaters can probably claim a close second.  This lovely figure skater proves her flexibility by bending over backward while keeping a smile on her face and skating along freezing cold ice.  The best part of this photo is arguably the skater’s… expression.. as she performs her flexible routine.