Nestle Introduces Oreo Drumsticks

Ice cream is pretty much the go to dessert during the hot summer months, and thankfully there are many, many different types of ice cream to choose from. There are pints and gallons of ice cream in every flavor imaginable, ice cream cones, popsicles and ice cream sandwiches and much more.

Chocolate giant Nestle has already released a number of new ice cream flavors for their popular product the drumstick. It’s an ice cream cone with a specific flavored ice cream which is then covered in milk chocolate and then occasionally rolled in nuts. There is also a bit of chocolate hidden in the bottom of the ice cream cone.

The newest Nestle Drumstick is the Oreo Drumstick, which is a combination of the iconic dessert and the beloved flavor of America’s favorite cookie. Each box of Oreo Drumsticks come in packs of 4 and are available on the freezer section shelves of your local supermarkets.


Now customers can enjoy Oreo flavored ice cream complete with lots of real Oreo cookie pieces mixed up inside. The ice cream is still covered in creamy milk chocolate and a chocolate wafer ice cream cone with a chocolate tip as well. According to the official description, “There’s a new way to satiate your Oreo cookie cravings. Nestlé Drumstick Oreo starts with a crisp, chocolatey wafer cone full of creamy vanilla and lots of real Oreo cookie pieces.”

This new Oreo Drumsticks so far have only been found in Walmart stores across Canada, and there is no official information about when these Oreo Drumsticks may be available stateside or elsewhere. There is also no official retail price available but they should be priced similarly to other Nestle Drumstick flavors. Based on the popularity of the other Drumstick flavors, Oreo lovers should love this!

Source: Sports Illustrated