Lucky Charms Releases Marshmallows Only Bag

The day has finally arrived. Everyone who knows the joy of eating a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal knows how delicious the marshmallows are, and how there never seem to be enough of them. Now, customers and get a healthy dose of nostalgia and actually buy a bag of nothing but Lucky Charms marshmallows.

Lucky Charms Magically Delicious Marshmallows will begin appearing on grocery store shelves in mid-August, with a full nationwide roll out scheduled for early September. There is no additional information about which regions will be lucky enough to experience buying these marshmallows first.

Just like the cereal, these marshmallows willbe various shapes and colors. There is the iconic red heart, the light blue crescent moon, a green four leaf clover, and a yellow five point star. The bag is mostly clear plastic with a giant Lucky Charms logo so customers can see all the colorful marshmallows in the bag.


This bag of sugary goodness is available for a retail price of one dollar and fifty cents, and the entire bag is about seven ounces. Right now, there is only one size bag available to customers and no additional products are being planned or released. However, these Lucky Charms marshmallows are not expected to be a limited edition item.

In addition, these new marshmallows are fat free and one serving is 15 pieces and 100 calories. So there are about 17 total grams of sugar in each individual serving portion. Each marshmallow is also infused with a bit of vanilla flavoring to give it some extra flavoring, and they are also a much larger size than the marshmallows which appeared in the cereal, since those were smaller to match the cereal size.

The last time fans were able to get Lucky Charms marshmallows only was back in March when General Mills released the cereal version with just marshmallows and sold fifteen thousand boxes with new marshmallow shapes.