Lost Cat Returned To Owner 10 Years After Going Missing

Ten years is a long time, especially for a lost cat. But Mark Salisbury never lost hope that one day he’d be reunited with his missing cat Harry, and after 10 years, it finally happened.

In 2008, Salisbury was living in Ipswich, England with his cat Harry and Harry’s brother, both white and ginger cats. One evening, only Harry’s brother returned home.

“He didn’t turn up one day when I was calling the pair of them in,” Salisbury recalls. “His brother, who was always a hooligan, his behavior changed markedly – he was very shy, wasn’t keen on going out and became very clingy.”

Salisbury spent a year looking for Harry with no luck. Eventually, he moved away from Ipswich, effectively ending his search for his lost cat. However, Salisbury said he never felt compelled to cancel Harry’s microchip, just in case.

“Every time I moved home I would email the firm and update them,” says Salisbury. “But after 10 years, you think that’s it and you make peace with that.”

But that patience paid off for Salisbury. Last month, Harry was dropped off at a Blue Cross location in Ipswich. He apparently had found a new home with an elderly owner who recently passed away. When the Blue Cross scanned his microchip, they were able to trace him back to Salisbury.

Now living in Gloucestershire, nearly 200 miles from Ipswich, Salisbury was “so happy” and quite “surprised” to learn that Harry had been found after all these years.

However, Salisbury says it would be unfair to bring him back home and re-introduce him to his brother after the two have been apart for 10 years. Harry is now living with Salisbury’s mom, Carolyn.

At least for now, she isn’t so keen on Harry wandering off on his own, fearful that he’ll go missing for another 10 years. But she says the cat is quite happy in his new home.

“Harry the cat adores living with us now,” says Carolyn. “Eventually we will let him go out and – hopefully – come back to us.”