Lord Of The Rings Television Series Is A Reality

The streaming video wing of the online marketplace juggernaut Amazon is putting a lot of bank into one of its upcoming original series. It seems that its new TV show, Lord of the Rings, has been confirmed over on Screenrant as having an order for a massive 20 episodes in its freshman season.

The series itself is actually being billed as a prequel, with events occurring well before the first movie of the franchise trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring. Also announced is that Amazon, in a bid to create more original scripted content for its video service, has been said to have already ordered the new series for multiple seasons.

Image: We Got This Covered

This newest series is being produced alongside a slew of new TV projects that Amazon supposedly has in development, including The Dark Tower, Lazarus, Snow Crash and of course the already announced Ringworld. The recent release of another original series, The Boys, has proven to be a massive hit for Amazon’s online streaming wing.

When it came down to securing the rights to the new Lord of the Rings TV series, the task was not an easy one, to say the least. It would seem the only reason the series is even going to happen is that Tolkien’s son, Christopher reportedly stepped down in 2017 from the position of director of his father’s estate.

Before that time, the only instance that Christopher had sold any rights to his father’s stories were those of the movie rights in 1969. However, there is someone new in charge, and word has it that Warner Brothers and Amazon are reporting the TV series is a go.

Image: YouTube

The very fact that Amazon has been able to obtain the rights to the TV series for its streaming service, has given way to rumors and speculation that the series could very possibly be the next Game of Thrones.

It is also worth noting that Amazon plans are to make the series as big and bold as Thrones, if not bigger and bolder. It has also been reported that the Amazon only obtained the rights to the Second Age and that the First and Third ages are said to be completely off-limits.