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23 Life Hacks You Have Got To Try Right Now

Great Avocado Every Time

Avocados are one of the most expensive food items on the market today.  Having been used for years in a plethora of recipes and as bases for condiments, they are a treasured and essential cooking staple.  However, when you find that the avocado you have purchased is rotten, it is understandable to become upset.  However, the next time you are shopping for avocado’s, flick the dry stem off the bottom.  If there appears to be a brown patch under the stem, put that one back—it is definitely going bad.  However, if you see a bright yellow-green color, you are good to go.

Image: The Jakarta Post

Marshmallow For Sore Throat

You wake up to find you are suffering from a sore throat.  It is raw, scratchy, and just plain ol sore.  What do you do?  You could use a lozenge, or cough syrup to help get past it.  Or you could try another method.  What would that method be?  Well, you simply bust out a big ol bag of marshmallows.  Yep, you heard me right—marshmallows.  Sap from marshmallow plants has been used for centuries in the treatment of coughs, cold and yes, sore throats.  According to health officials, the marshmallow coating which consists of gelatin is what aids in soothing and relieving a sore throat.  Who knew, that everyone’s favorite s’more ingredient did double duty to soothe your throat as well.

Image: Today Show

Charcoal As An Air Purifier & Odor Remover

We’re not talking about those heavy white and blue bags of BBQ charcoal you would pick up at Home Depot.  Well, actually, we kind of are in a way.  Activated bamboo charcoal, in particular, can be found in most home goods stores (and might already be accidentally stored in your garage or shed!) and can be used in place of baking soda to remove odors, and in place of expensive air purifiers to purify air.

Unlike baking soda or chemical sprays like Febreeze, this charcoal can purify air, remove bacteria and a lot of allergens.  Simply load some activated charcoal into mesh bags, and put them around the house wherever you have odors.

No surprise, companies are catching on and if you haven’t seen it all over Facebook already BreathGreen Charcoal Bags go for about $10 each.  The best part?  Every month put the charcoal bags out in the sun and the bag “reactivates” and recharges itself.  Google activated charcoal for more info, pretty cool household hack if we ever saw one.