Kelly McGillis Admits She Was Not Asked To Be In Top Gun: Maverick

With the unveiling of the new Top Gun movie, introduced by Tom Cruise himself at SDCC, fans of the film are once again feeling “the need…the need for speed.”

Many fans assumed that the entire original cast, minus Goose, of course, would in some way be returning for the nostalgic sequel.  However, it would seem that this is not necessarily true.  Once significant cast member from the original film was not even asked to reprise their role this time around.

It would appear that Kelly McGillis, love interest to Tom Cruise’s character in the original movie, will not be making an appearance of any sort in the new Top Gun: Maverick.

McGillis, 62-years-old, told ET on Friday that she wasn’t even asked to be a part of, let alone appear in, the highly anticipated upcoming sequel.  As many may recall, McGillis had a significant role in the original 1986 release as Charlie, a flight instructor and eventual love interest to Cruise’s Maverick.

Image: New York Daily News

When asked if she was planning to attend any of the events planned to promote the newest entry into the Top Gun franchise, she simply replied:

“I would have to assess where I am, what I’m doing, what’s going on.  I have no idea because I don’t know where I’ll be.”

McGillis also admitted that she hadn’t even seen the trailer for the movie as of yet.  She also stated that she hadn’t really kept in touch with anyone, other than having spoken occasionally to a couple of people.  She also mentioned that working on movies is an odd job situation.

You have a whole crew of people that work on a film, coming from all different parts of the world.  Then, when that movie finishes,  each person goes their separate way, and to be honest usually doesn’t see the others again.