Joker Film Bans Media From Red Carpet

Warner Brothers Entertainment may very well be setting a precedent that could turn into quite a slippery slope.  It seems that at the upcoming US Premiere of the much anticipated “Joker,” the print and broadcast media have restricted access—to the red carpet no less!

The premier is set to take place this Saturday, at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.  The shocker is that WB is only allowing photographers access to the talent and the filmmakers.  Broadcast media and press are in essence barred from their usual access.

Those expected to attend include the “Joker” himself, Joaquin Phoenix, as well as the film’s director Todd Philips.  Also expected walk the red carpet are supporting cast members Zazie Beetz and Frances Conroy.

Image: Variety

When speaking to Variety, a studio spokesperson stated that “our red carpet is comprised of photographers only.”  The individual went on to remind that, up until now, a lot has been rumored and speculated about the movie, and the makers of the film are of the opinion that now it is just about people seeing the film and forming their own conclusions.

The decision to restrict media and press from the interviews follows a long week of provocative headlines.  One that warned of the possible provocative and violent nature inherent in the film, claiming the articles were measures that needed to be taken to prepare and inform the moviegoers before the film’s screening.

Image: Reddit

The Landmark chain of theaters has come out as prohibiting moviegoers from costume play, as well as Variety reporting on Thursday that the LAPD is preparing to increase law enforcement visibility at their local theaters.  Although at this time, the department has received no specific threats in relation to the film itself, they are encouraging moviegoers to remain vigilant and alert.

Ever since the “Joker” debuted at the Venice Film Festival, there have been mounting concerns about the titular character’s violent tendencies, with some expressing that the film presents the thriller’s central character, in essence, a mass murder, in a somewhat sympathetic light.