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Getting Seasonal Allergies Bad This Year? It’s Not Just You

The winter snows have melted and the grass is starting to return to green. Spring is a beautiful season, but seasonal allergy sufferers always dread this time of year. Itchy eyes, scratchy throats, and endless sneezing are commonplace, and some people can’t get relief.

Experiencing worse than usual allergy symptoms this year? It may not be your imagination.

Sujan Patel, assistant professor of allergy and immunology at New York University, confirms that “they are pretty bad this year,” and this is due to several factors.

Seasonal allergies seem to worsen each year because of a lethal combination of global warming and increased greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. This leads plants to release pollen earlier in the season, and allergy sufferers start to feel extra awful.

There are steps you can take to combat this allergy nightmare, and these three tips will definitely ease your symptoms as the spring season progresses.

Shower Before Going To Sleep

Bringing pollen to bed with you is never a good idea. Make sure to wash your hair to avoid rubbing massive amounts of pollen onto your pillow. This will prevent your face from sitting in pollen all night.

Protect Your Eyes During Your Morning Run

Patel suggests wearing a pair of goggles during your jog. This will prevent pollen from irritating your eyes, especially in the a.m. when the trees are at their pollen-releasing peak.

You may feel a little ridiculous, but you will notice a big difference in your allergy symptoms!

Start Medicating Before Allergy Season Hits

Allergy medications work best if you start taking them before experiencing any symptoms. Patel suggests checking an online pollen checker sometime in March or April to decide when you should begin attacking your allergies before they start.

Preparing for a rough allergy season beforehand will allow you to spring right past any seasonal irritation!