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20 Totally Genius Everyday Uses For WD-40

Keep weather stripping soft

That thin strip of rubber around your car door, home doors, and windows isn’t there for cushioning: It’s weather stripping, keeping wind, rain, and unwelcome temperatures from getting in. Once the weather stripping around your house or car doors dries out, the seal can break, and wind and water have an easy way in. Keep it moist and soft by rubbing in a little WD-40. Like applying a conditioner to leather, WD-40 keeps the rubber strip from drying out and cracking. A quick spray is easier — and cheaper — than replacing the seal. And while you’ve got the can in hand, give the windows a quick spray to help repel rain, ice, and snow should the weather turn ugly.

Remove chewing gum from your hair

Chewing gum in the kids’ hair used to mean a new — shorter — hairdo. But don’t reach for the scissors just yet. WD-40 can help release gum’s grip on hair. Spray a little onto the affected hair — avoiding the child’s skin and eyes, of course — then slowly comb the gum out with a fine-tooth comb. Be sure to shampoo thoroughly afterward!

And it’s not just hair. WD-40 can help remove gum from just about anything: hard surfaces, cloth, your shoe soles, even carpet. Just spray it on, let it soak for a couple of minutes, then work or scrape the gum off. Follow up by washing clothing or applying carpet cleaner to the affected spot on the floor.

Prevent splinters on wood handles 

You’ve finally worked up the willpower to tackle some yard work. The last thing your motivation needs is a splinter from a rake handle. Keep wooden tool handles moisturized and splinter-free by rubbing in a little WD-40. While you’re in the garden or garage, you can also use WD-40 to clean the ax blade, dissolve the rust on your pruning shears, keep lawnmower and plow blades from rusting, and keep your wicker patio chairs from squeaking when they rock.