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20 Totally Genius Everyday Uses For WD-40

With a well-founded reputation as “The Can With Thousands of Uses,” WD-40 is the handyman’s go-to tool. It’s lubricating and moisture-blocking traits have made it an essential for mechanics, carpenters, deck hands, farmers, construction crews, and repairmen, earning it a place on most every tool belt. But this small-but-mighty can can be anyone’s go-to tool with a little insider advice.

WD-40 got its name from its primary specialty — water displacement — perfected on the 40th try. So you can be sure WD-40 can help you drive moisture out of your tools, car parts, and fishing gear. But it’s also well known for lubrication, which lends it to thousands of chores around the house: quieting squeaky hinges, loosening screws and bolts, unsticking sliding doors, and even smoothing the cuts on your crafting scissors. From its beginnings more than 60 years ago, WD-40’s offering have expanded to include toilet bowl cleaners, carpet stain removers, cans with specialized attachments, and even a line made specially for bicycles.

Whatever’s on your to-do list — removing gunk, degreasing, preventing rust, blocking moisture, lubricating — WD-40 can simplify your life inside and outside the home. Check out these user-recommended tasks WD-40 can tackle. After all, why put in all that elbow grease when just a quick spray of WD-40 will do?

Clean a stained whiteboard

If someone accidentally used a Sharpie on the whiteboard — or if you left the last calculus lesson on the board over summer break — the usual spray won’t do the job. WD-40 will. Spray it on, let it soak, then wipe off even permanent marker in one or two rounds. Teachers who swear by WD-40 for this purpose recommend you spray it on lightly. The spray leaves behind a thin sheen of oil, so with heavy application, you’ll spend more time wiping away the oil than the marker. However, a little left behind is OK: Teachers swear it also adds a protective layer to the whiteboard, keeping it damage-free and easy to clean for months. Bonus tip: To avoid slippery floors beneath the board, try spraying the WD-40 onto a paper towel and wiping it on, instead of spraying it into the air.


Stop swing chains from squeaking

The squeaky wheel gets the oil, but that’s not the only squeak WD-40 can fix. Spray some at the top of your swing set’s chains to stop the squeak each time the kids fly back and forth. It can also stop squeaking elsewhere: bicycle chains, pulleys, rolling chairs, windshield wipers, baby gates, steering wheels… It can even quiet down squeaky wheels on grocery cart wheels, though you probably shouldn’t try that fix yourself while you shop.

Another squeak you can fix with WD-40 is one of its most well-known uses: a door hinge. Everyone knows WD-40 will do the trick, but when’s the last time you actually used it? Grab a can, spray it on, and enjoy the silence.