Fudge Brownie M&M’s Coming to Stores in Fall 2019

Each year, there are new candy flavors released due to holidays and custoemr demand. There are also changing seasonal flavors for autumn and summer. Now, popular candy company M&M’s has released their newest flavor, and it is very ideal for chocolate lovers.

M&M’s are one of the most versatile candies in existence. They are available in milk chocolate, peanut, pretzel, caramel, hazelnut, peanut butter and many more. Now, customers can enjoy a new flavor: fudge brownie. That’s right, now customers can pop some M&M’s in their mouth and enjoy the flavor of a chocolatey fudge brownie.

The official M&M Instagram confirmed the new flavor with a picture of the new bag and the caption “We’ve been working on something delicious . . . trust us, it’ll be worth the wait.” The packaging is light purple and features an M&M holding a tray of brownies in one hand and one half of an M&M in the other. These new M&M’s are expected to hit shelves in the fall of 2019, although no official release date has been announced.

Source: Lil’ Luna

Some lucky social media users have already been able to try the new fudge brownie flavor.  The new flavor was described by Junk Food Leaks as  “These chocolate candies soften up quick, and the gooey texture of a warm brownie begins to take over your taste buds. For those who love the brownie aftertaste, this is a home run.”

There is also no official retail price for the new flavor, although it will primarily be available in the sharing size and resealable bag and should be priced similarly to other M&M products. According to social media, these fudge brownie M&M’s are larger than normal M&M’s due to their flavorful center, which is also why they are available in the larger sharing size.