15 Totally Random Foods That Will Melt Belly Fat

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are harvested from a plant that is relative to the sweet basil. It is high in protein as well as Omega-3 fatty acids, which is a healthy kind of fat. The Omega-3s found in chia seeds can help reduce inflammation. The thing is that having a lot of fat on your belly can trigger a lot of inflammation in the body. Moreover, it also bulks up in your stomach, so it makes you fuller for a longer period of time thus reducing your need to consume food as well as curbing your cravings. Mix chia seeds on your daily smoothie every morning can make all the difference.

Acai Berries

Acai berry is high in anthocyanin that is a natural pigment that is extremely rich in antioxidants. But aside from antioxidants, acai berries also boost your energy so that you can sustain yourself during your workout. The extra energy will allow you to exercise more thus you end up burning more calories every day. Moreover, the extract of acai berry also contains high amounts of fiber, so the natural sugar does not get assimilated immediately into the bloodstream. This helps improve and stabilize the blood sugar levels thus you don’t only deal with belly fat, but also with diabetes.

Acai in the pot


Cinnamon is a sweet-smelling spice that adds a lot of flavor to your food. Intake of cinnamon can help balance the blood sugar levels, reduce the bad cholesterol levels, and reduce the inflammation in the body. Moreover, cinnamon also comes with thermogenic properties that produce a lot of heat within the body thus stimulating the metabolism in the body. By consuming cinnamon, you drive the metabolism of your body through the roof! There are so many ways for you to incorporate cinnamon into your diet. Sprinkle as much cinnamon as you like on your breakfast porridge or to your coffee to get the most benefits.