Disney+ To Be Bundled with Hulu and ESPN for $12.99 Monthly Package

We all know that Disney currently has a monopoly on movies at the theater given how this year, in particular, has seen a number of their films make over $1 billion worldwide (and we haven’t even made it their latest “Star Wars” film yet). They are also setting their sights on streaming this fall, preparing to launch Disney+ for a rather cheap price that will include Disney classics as well as original movies and TV series exclusive to the platform. You may have also noticed that Disney has also been gobbling up more companies as with the acquisition of the Hulu streaming service this year.

A common complaint among many for the debut of another streaming service this fall is that there are too many of them now. Ah, to be reminded of the good old days when everyone streamed on Netflix and they only liked a portion of the content, pretending that this was the only streaming platform we’d ever need. Of course, Disney+ is looking to be the cheapest of them all with a very reasonable $6.99 a month but they’re planning to sweeten the pot with a bundled packed.

Image: Variety

Disney is planning to make available a streaming package that will include Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for only $12.99 a month. This could be seen as a direct shot at Netflix considering this is the same amount that their streaming service charges. This is also a sign of the times with streaming services turning into more of a bundle like cable packages than the ala carte method they currently are. But I guess when everyone can’t stop complaining about how there are too many services and not willing to justify which ones they do or don’t want, bundles seem like easy sells. And for the family where the kids watch a lot of Disney and the parents watch a lot of sitcoms and sports, this is most likely going to be a popular package.

Disney+ will be launching on November 12th, 2019.