Couple Drives 16 Hours Both Ways To Retrieve Missing Dog

A Texas couple was so thrilled to receive a phone call earlier informing them that their missing dog had been found that they drove nearly 1,000 miles to pick him up.

In March, Titan, a pit bull belonging to Dara Prak and Kara Hills, was nowhere to be found. The couple suspects he had been stolen because his collar had been left behind in their fenced-in yard.

Weeks passed with no sign of Titan. Prak would drive around town with Titan’s leash and collar, hoping to spot his missing dog. Roughly three months later, Prak received a phone call from South Carolina letting him know Titan had been found.


How Titan ended up at an animal shelter in Greenville, South Carolina, over 900 miles from the couple’s home outside of Houston remains a mystery.¬†However, the pit bull had been found and his identity confirmed by his microchip, allowing the animal shelter to contact Prak.

Sadly, Titan was malnourished and had suffered a few injuries. The animal shelter believes he was either abused or attacked by other animals.

“When the lady sent me a picture of my baby Titan, I lost myself and cried,” says Prak. “He looked severely abused and mistreated by the monsters who kidnapped him from my house.”

After finding out where Titan was, the couple almost immediately got in their car and set off on a 16-hour road trip to get him. A video posted to Facebook shows the moment when Titan recognized that his true owners had come to take him home.


Of course, the couple still had to drive the 16 hours back home to Texas. But Hills said that once they got Titan back “driving didn’t even matter.”

With Titan in rough shape, the couple started a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical expenses. Prak also wants other pet owners to see this as an example of why they should never give up hope when a pet goes missing.

“NEVER LOSE HOPE of bringing our babies home,” Prak wrote on the GoFundMe page. “Take care of them, love them, and they will do the same for us.”