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Baby Bump Gone Viral? This Outfit Got A Pregnant Woman Kicked Out Of A Restaurant!

Pregnancy can be more than uncomfortable. The morning sickness, weight gain, and heartburn are enough to keep anyone confined at home, far away from the public eye. Although a growing baby bump can bring some serious insecurities, women should be proud of their baby bellies.

One woman decided to wear an outfit that showcased her soon-to-be bundle of joy, and a restaurant refused her service because of it. The Internet is more than a little bit outraged.

A Nice Dinner Turned Into An Embarrassing Event


Charisha Raylee Gobin of Marysville, Washington is currently pregnant with twins. She recently decided to go out to eat with her sister and mother at a local steakhouse called the Buzz Inn, even though she really wanted to order takeout.

Dressed in casual attire, the seven-and-a-half month pregnant Gobin was met by a waiter after entering the restaurant. She promptly asked her to leave.

The waitress told Gobin, “I’m sorry, you can’t be here in that shirt,” which took her by immense surprise. Gobin left the casual dining restaurant as she was asked, but she was quick to share a picture of her outfit and her story.

Her Outfit Was Far From Inappropriate

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Gobin posted a picture of her black crop top and long white skirt—all that was exposed was her pregnant belly. The restaurant explained that Gobin was violating their policy of “no shoes, no shirt, no service,” as well as various health code regulations that they have in place.

The expectant mother was extremely upset. She believes that her pregnant belly is the only reason her outfit was deemed unacceptable.

Facebook users responded in a huge way with waves of support for this pregnant woman.

Gobin’s Facebook Post Went Viral

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Gobin shared a photo of her outfit and the story of the restaurant’s discriminatory reaction, and her post received so much attention that the Buzz Inn posted an apology to the pregnant woman on their own Facebook page.

“We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and will cover with all staff as to how to not overly enforce a rule that is intended to make all guests feel comfortable,” the restaurant stated.

Pregnancy is definitely not a reason to discriminate against any guest, and Charisha’s story is definitely one that all establishments can learn from. Is a baby bump a health code violation? I don’t think so. Every woman deserves to be proud of her pregnancy, big belly and all!

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