Home Hacks

5 Helpful Household Hacks

When it comes to household hacks, we have all seen more than our fair share.  Some work, some do not. 

Today I will share some of my favorites, that are tried and true and tested by me.  I hope that this list helps you as well.


I know when I vacuum, from time to time I will get a whiff of stale air. To help combat this problem, when I am starting to vacuum, I will suck up a couple of tablespoons of cinnamon.  Don’t like cinnamon?  No problem.  Try lavender or lemon scents.  They will get the job done just as well.

Cabinet Space

For me the most prime real estate in my home is cabinet space. It seems no matter how much I have, it is never enough. However, there is a way to make more from the space you have.  For instance, under your kitchen sink, install a tension rod.  You can hand your sprayer bottles on it and empty the bottom shelf of the cabinet for other items.

Image: HGTV


From time to time we all experience some sort of blues, or for me anxiousness. I have found, when these days hit, cleaning out my closet is the perfect answer.  When you focus your mind on a mundane task, you are more likely to clear your head.  And, in the end, it gets a much-needed task done.


We all have the one appliance in our kitchen that gets the dirtiest the fastest—the microwave. Because of its very nature, when food particles fall or pop around it in, they get baked on and stuck, making it very difficult to clean.  To making the task of cleaning it very easy, place a lemon in a bowl of water and microwave it for about five minutes.  This will help loosen the food particles, and leave your microwave smelling clean and fresh.

Image: The North Face


Lets face it, at one time or another we have all suffered from it—stinky shoes. If you store your shoes in a closet, it can make that closet your most hated part of the house.  And, let’s not talk about the fear of removing your shoes around other people.  Is there a way to combat this evil plague?  Yes.  Just place a tea bag in each shoe overnight.  It will help to rid your shoes of the bad smells and leave them herbally fresh.

It is my hope that you find some of these hacks helpful in your own home, and that they help to make your life a little easier.