23 Year Old Woman Has Over 52 Body Modifications

In many societies, tattooing and body piercings are considered a rite of passage.  However, for 23-year-old Amber Luke, it was something she wanted to do and enjoys doing.   From all over body tattoos, to piercings, to stretching her ear lobes, to even coloring the whites of her eyes, you name it and she has probably had it done.  She has been altering her body since she was 16 years old, and she doesn’t see any plans to stop in the near future.

Luke, from New South Wales, Australia has spent over $10,000 in the search to make her body look different, which even included having her tongue surgically split.

Image: Pikdo

Having been nicknamed the “Blue Eyed White Dragon” by her friends, she states the name originated from the coloring of the whites of her eyes blue, and her split tongue.  These two characteristics give her, according to her friends, a dragon-like appearance.

Luke has stated that when she looks at pictures of herself, before her series of alterations, she absolutely hates the way she looks.  She has stated in her mind she looks boring and nothing about her looks makes her stand out.

Image: Pikdo

When she turned 16, those around her encouraged her to get a tattoo.  The thought thrilled her, and she craved to know what the sensation of being tattooed was like.  After that first tattoo she developed, in her words, an addiction.  By the time she had turned 18, she was proudly sporting three tattoos.  However, it was also when she turned 18 that she decided to take the leap and get her first big tattoo.  At the current time, she figures she has over 50 tattoos, but admits that she really hasn’t been able to count them all.

Luke stated she could easily see her getting many more tattoos and piercings done in the future.  She feels that they express the real her, and not the boring way she used to look years ago, before the alterations.